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Our winery is located near St.Stefan / Stainz in the West Styrian wine region at an elevation of 424 m. We are situated at the South-Eastern foothills of the Alps at the base of the Koralpe mountain.

Climate zone: Illyrian (= panonish with more precipitation th

rough the Adriatic inluence), cool currents from the Koralpe mountain cause regular rain storms; thereby providing a good distribution of rainfall (approx. 1000 mm / year).

The intensity of the sun provides an abundance of warmth for our vineyards,which supports a long growing season. This ranges from late March to late October (harvest: early to late October) and allows for the slow and sustainable ripening of the grapes.


Interview Franz Strohmeier

1. How would you describe your kind of winegrowing?

Our goal is to produce without usig any bought ingredients, i.e. to create the basis for a wellfunctioning winegrowing in the vineyard itself. The less is brought into the vineyards from outside,  the higher is the authenticity of the developing wines.

Basically, the taste of the wine is determined of what the vine "eats", what it gets out of the soil. If the soil is changed by the usage of chemical fertilizers, the wine will have another minerality, as it would have grown naturally.

We develop from monoculture to a "mixed culture" (of vines) offering place to many creatures. The  vines can live in symbiosis with many other organisms.


2. What are the characteristics of a good wine?

Wines, that impress me, can hardly be described by common wine vocabulary. it is not only the taste, it is the feeling in the mouth, it is the interdependency between the me an the wine.


3. What will be the situation in 20 years?

Our vineyards will continue to develop in an idyllic, small-structured environment,  with all possible plants, animals and small organisms - together with well-tasting types of vegetables, corn and fruits that grow in symbiosis with the grapes.

I wish to work together with people, who appreciate this kind of winemaking, that reflects the variety and liberty, the same way as I do.

Sometimes we will enjoy a well-matured vintage (e.g. 2007) and think back to the times where the change has begun.


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