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Trauben, Liebe & Zeit ("TLZ" means "Grapes, Love and Time"
Sparkling wine
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Kristall Weiss Wine

Because of the late frost end of April 2016  we created that "Kristall white wine". That wine has been filtered short before botteling and has been minimum sulfured.So there is no TLZ info label on the top of the bottles.
We use the grapes of a selection (small selection before the main harvest) for that wine.

In future we will continue in producing also in that low sulfured and filtered style to be able to offer also  light and fruity white wine next to our TLZ Wines, which have more intense and "oxidation" style.

Kristall Weiss Wine info:

Kristall Weiss N°1



Trauben, Liebe & Zeit (TLZ) means

"Grapes, Love and Time"

The synonym "grapes, love and time" (TLZ) is used for our natural wines without any additives, no sulfur and no filtration. Those wines are growing rather with craftsmanship, care and time.
We believe in sustainability and deliberately relinquish part of the grapes crop to the fungei, insects, small animals, bacteria and other organisms. Those grapes following that natural way have immense potential to also manage the development into wine completely without sulfur.
For maturing the TLZ wines are stored in large wooden barrels for 1- 2 years:For both the growing in the vineyard and the storage in the barrel applies:
a mix of experience and sensitivity helps us to decide when the time is right.
Not all TLZ wines are “genuinely sorted”. Take for example our “TLZ Red”: iIn that case the tannic Blauer Wildbacher is a good combipartner for the softness of the Zweigelt.
A TLZ wine can also consist of two different vintages. A number on the label show the consumer how often this type of wine has been made in that natural way.

On the hand-knotted loop, which you can find on every TLZ bottle, you can see additional information.

Ideally this wine should be decanted and enjoyed at approximately 15 °C. You should take time to savour our wines, to enjoy the perfect symphony of liveliness, salubriousness and sustainability.


White wines


TLZ Lysegrön N°4

TLZ Weiss N°8



White wines with skin fermentation

TLZ Wein der Stille N°6

TLZ Wein der Stille N°8



Red wines

TLZ Rot N°7

TLZ Karmin N°6

TLZ Karmin N°7




Sparkling Wines

Strohmeier Rose Sekt
Strohmeier Weiss Sekt


The grapes for our sparkling wine grow in our vineyards near Stainz (Styria-Austria).
Since 1997 we have been refining our sparkling-wine using traditional bottle fermentation. It partially ripens many years before reaching its perfect finish. The filling and the extractionof the (basic) sparkling wine is done in the cellar.
The shaking of the yeast in the premium sparkling wine bottles is performed by hand. The sparkling wine is aged partly for many years until its completion.
Fine mousseux elegant and complex taste as well as soft and harmonic feelings in the mouth are typical hallmarks for our style of vivacity and salubriousness.



Rosé wines

Schilcher Frizzante
Schilcher N°28




TLZ Weiss N°6
TLZ Orange N°2
TLZ Sonne N°4
TLZ Rot N°5
TLZ Rot N°6
Strohmeier Weiss Sekt
Strohmeier Rot Sekt
TLZ Karmin N°5
TLZ Gelb N°2
TLZ Lysegrön N°2
Schilcher N°26
TLZ Weiss N°7
TLZ Lysegrön N°3
TLZ Gelb N°3
TLZ Sonne N°5
TLZ Indigo N°1
Schilcher N°27


Wein und Sekt Strohmeier